TOP 5 fears of breast augmentation and whether they are worth being afraid of

We found out what patients are most worried about, and why some still haven't decided on mammoplasty.


Common Misconceptions about Breast Augmentation Surgery

Consider the top five fears before breast augmentation surgery:

1. After surgery, your breasts will look and feel unnatural

Silicone gel is very similar in tactile sensations to breast tissue, so after mammoplasty, the breast remains soft, the filler is not felt, so it is almost impossible to understand whether the breast is artificial or not.

2. Mammoplasty is a painful procedure

Breast augmentation is fraught with the danger of feeling pain during and after surgery. This is not true, because the aesthetic procedure is performed under general anesthesia, so during the operation the patient does not feel pain. In the first days after the intervention, painful sensations may occur, but they can be avoided by listening to the doctor's recommendations.

3. Anesthesia is dangerous for your health

In some women, the risk of breast augmentation surgery is associated with the fear of not coming out of anesthesia. Some people write on forums: "I'm afraid of anesthesia with breast augmentation, because there is a risk of experiencing anaphylactic shock or falling into a coma." But these are just horror stories. If the patient does not have serious health problems, contraindications to breast plastic surgery, then anesthesia is safe.


For the most part, breast augmentation patients are young women who do not have serious health problems, so anesthesia does not affect their condition in any way, does not lead to complications.

4. A plastic surgeon can easily make a mistake

Fear of breast augmentation surgery is a normal phenomenon. But some women are so afraid of this that they take into account all possible consequences, even to the point that the surgeon may make a mistake and do not do what the woman wants. So that there are no concerns about the professionalism of a plastic surgeon, you need to come to him for a consultation and examination, tell him about your fears. A good specialist will definitely give you confidence that the operation will be successful, dispel myths.

5. Heavy and long recovery period

After the operation, the client is still under observation for some time. The rehabilitation period is approximately 1 month. A woman needs to wear special compression underwear, limit physical activity. Usually, after 30 days, special underwear can be changed to regular ones, and you can return to your usual lifestyle.

What should I do to overcome my fears?

If you are afraid of the upcoming procedure, then read the following recommendations that will tell you how not to be afraid of breast augmentation surgery:

  • Choose a clinic that has proven itself only from the best side, one where experienced plastic surgeons work with experience. Be sure to study the information about the institution and the doctor you will be operating on.
  • Find reviews of other patients who were treated at your chosen clinic.
  • Make an appointment for a preliminary consultation, tell your doctor about your fears, and get competent answers.

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