Laser treatment of cysts

Many pathological processes in dentistry can develop unnoticed for a person for a long time. Cysts are no exception. In the first stages, they are easily treatable. If you do not let the problem go by itself and control the therapeutic process completely, you can quickly and efficiently get rid of the problem with the help of a laser.

What is a cyst?

A cyst is a formation on a tooth that is characterized by slow development. It all starts with the penetration of an infection into the affected area, which the body cannot overcome. Each of us has a powerful defense system, but some phenomena are beyond its control. This causes her to fail.

In the area of the spread of microbes, a capsule appears, inside which are the decay products of dead and diseased bone cells. Thus, the body signals to the person that he is trying to prevent the further spread of infection by all means.

A tooth cyst is a condition that requires mandatory treatment, even if there are no disturbing symptoms. In order to avoid serious complications, you should not postpone therapy indefinitely. After all, a cyst that is harmless at the first stage can turn into a periostitis-flux. And this will lead to the appearance of symptoms such as pain, swelling, redness. This disease already requires a surgical approach to treatment of cystswhich lasts for a long time and has a number of negative consequences.

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Ways to remove cysts

It is best to carry out therapy at the initial stages of the disease, when serious symptoms have not yet developed and have not entailed large-scale consequences. All treatment options are divided into 2 large groups. These are therapeutic tactics and surgical operations. The latest methods are considered to be the most effective and popular.

A progressive measure to combat a cyst is to remove it with a laser. To date, 2 main methods of combating tooth cysts are used – canal sterilization with a laser and shell surgery with disinfection.

The essence of the procedure is that the medic opens the channels, and then inserts a special device with a laser into them. It looks like a tube or needle and dries the inner walls of the channels. This allows you to clean the cavities of necrotic tissue elements and microorganisms of a pathological nature. The advantage of this treatment option is its novelty and safety.

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