Pathogen for women: reliable remedies, proven over the centuries

Even the strongest loving couples have quarrels and disagreements, but they always manage to make up in bed. And if it doesn't? If the very thought of intimacy causes a woman melancholy and a migraine attack? You can continue to torment yourself and your partner, or you can take viagra for women — the most ancient, generationally proven remedy that you may not have known existed.

Pathogen for women: reliable remedies, proven over the centuries. Photo:

In fact, the very word "Viagra" is associated with men. However, the fair sex also has problems: from the inability to experience an orgasm to a complete loss of interest in sex.

Therefore, the ancient Chinese healers invented a pathogen for women. Learn more about what this tool is, how it works, and where to get it.

Why do women need Viagra?

Sexologists have been trying to solve the problem of female frigidity for a long time. These are mostly men who are "always ready", and with women, despite their finer mental organization, not everything is so simple.

In what cases will the pathogen become a panacea for a woman in solving sexual problems?:

  • monotonous sex gets boring over time, and it's quite problematic to reach an orgasm knowing the whole scenario in advance;
  • sex as a duty can be a great challenge for a woman;
  • lower estrogen levels during menopause;
  • stiffness, insecurity, low self-esteem;
  • during sex without foreplay, which is often practiced by men, a woman simply does not have time to get excited.

Pathogen for women: reliable remedies, proven over the centuries. Photo:

In fact, this is only the beginning of the list of reasons why a woman ceases to feel desirable and, under any pretexts, postpones moments of intimacy. But to turn them into hours of pleasure, to experience multiple orgasms is so easy. This was taken care of by Chinese healers who created miracle drugs specifically for desperate cute ladies.

Pathogen for women: what it is

Drugs that can be purchased today not only in Real life, but also on Internet resources, are absolutely natural. This means that their composition includes only natural components and there is no chemistry. Get acquainted:

  • Spanish gold fly, also known as the "Golden Spanish Fly";
  • Silver fox, or the Silver Fox".

Pathogen for women: reliable remedies, proven over the centuries. Photo:

Plant extracts and secretory extracts of biological origin used in the manufacture of drugs are powerful aphrodisiacs discovered in ancient times.

The mechanism of their action is very simple: when they enter a woman's body, they cause a rush of blood to the genitals, increase the level of estrogens, increase sensitivity and sexual desire. Such a pronounced effect occurs almost immediately, you do not have to swallow the pills in a course.

How to accept it

Both drugs are available in the form of portioned powders. It is not recommended to take them in advance. Because of the rapid action of the pathogen, you can get into an awkward situation, spoiling your mood and even your reputation.

The powder is dissolved in 100 ml of water or wine. It dissolves quickly and, most importantly, has no taste or smell.

Pathogen for women: reliable remedies, proven over the centuries. Photo:

Both drugs are compatible with alcohol, but it should be borne in mind that strong drinks can weaken the expected effect. Take the pathogen 5-15 minutes before intimacy. You will feel its effect immediately:

  • feeling relaxed and relaxed;
  • a rush of blood and heat in the genitals;
  • strong sexual arousal;
  • intense release of lubricant, narrowing of the vagina;
  • short-term breast augmentation.

To say that a bright orgasm is guaranteed for you is an understatement. Millions of women have experienced the effects of these drugs firsthand and only regret one thing: Why didn't they know about their existence before?

Pathogen for women: reliable remedies, proven over the centuries. Photo:

You can buy certified pathogens for women in the ChinaDoctor online store. The company guarantees high quality of medicines, sends orders all over the country and even abroad.

There may be contraindications, and consultation with a specialist is required before using the drug.

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