Hepcinat Plus

Purpose and properties of the drug

Hepatitis " C " is currently a dangerous liver disease that occurs without symptoms and can quickly turn into a chronic phase. In order to cure hepatitis " C " requires significant funds and time. If the patient is not properly treated, there is a chance that this disease will develop into cirrhosis or even liver cancer.

Virologists have invented an effective and effective remedy for the treatment of hepatitis "C". This is a direct-acting drug Hepcinat Plus (Hepcinate Plus).
It includes a complex of two drugs: Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir.

Hepcinat Plus. Photo: gepa-net.com

SOFOSBUVIR-blocks viruses, phage stops reproduction.

DACLATASVIR-it does not allow the spread of infection through the human circulatory system.

This drug suppresses hepatitis C viruses of genotypes 1-5.
The price of the Indian medicine Hepcinate Plus is rather high, but it is much lower than the American original and is available for most residents of Russia.

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Advantages of the tool

Hepcinat Plus acts on the phage's enzymatic system.

Hepcinat Plus

The advantages of this drug are as follows:

  • it does not have toxic properties on the liver;
  • the side effect of therapy with these drugs is minimal;
  • safety of the specified vehicle at altitude;
  • the combination of its two antiviral components acts directly on the virus, without affecting other cells in the human body;
  • the probability of recovery of the patient reaches 98%-100%;
  • assimilation of the drug is very fast, which allows the ingredients to immediately fight the virus;
  • it is convenient to take the drug, due to the special form of the tablet.

Using Hepcinat Plus for the treatment of hepatitis C virus, you will soon be cured of this dangerous disease.

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