Rules for performing permanent makeup

Recently, permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular. This is not surprising, because by simple manipulations, you can delicately correct your facial features, remove skin imperfections, and improve your appearance, making it attractive and expressive. Modern technologies allow you to do this without much effort.

It is very important to use high-quality pigments in this area, since Permablend pigments are the best option for all indicators. The technology involves the introduction of special pigments into the upper layer of the skin, thereby providing makeup for 3-5 years.

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What is the secret of this method?

Today, thanks to the existing techniques of permanent makeup, it is possible to change the cut of the eyes, eyebrows and lips. A specialist can tell you which type of this technology is right for you. As for the methods of applying such makeup, there are many of them. However, only an experienced master, taking into account the features of your skin.

Special features of the procedure

The most difficult thing in this type of tattoo is to follow the technique of introduction.

This should include:

  • Compliance with the required profundity when introducing the pigment;
  • The lines should be executed just perfectly;
  • Uniform staining is required.

That is why you should only use the services of craftsmen with extensive experience. In addition, do not neglect septic tanks and antiseptics. The main thing here is the puncture depth, which is controlled by the master. The procedure must be carried out using special equipment, in a room that fully meets the requirements.

Among the most common application techniques, shadow and hair should be distinguished. Their advantage is stunning results and maximum naturalness. Using the hair technique, a pattern is drawn in the form of hairs, repeating their natural shape and length. As a result, the density and brightness of the eyebrows increases.

Rules for performing permanent makeup. Photo:

A special feature of the shadow technique is giving the eyebrows the effect of applying makeup with one-time tools in the form of a pencil or shadows. This method is characterized by increased complexity, so the procedure should only be performed by a high-class specialist, because otherwise negative consequences may occur. Here you should not save money, but only trust professionals.

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